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4 Hacks to Market Better to Millennials on Instagram *#instafamous*

4 Hacks to Market Better to Millennials on Instagram *#instafamous*

Dubbed as the most narcissistic app by millennials themselves in a study done by LendEDU, Instagram has become a treasure trove for marketers looking to capitalise on young people aspiring to become #instafamous, by ensuring that they are keeping up to date with the latest trends in fashion, makeup, travel, and of course, hot rigs *wink, wink*.

With as many millennials aspiring to forge a glamorous and monetised career on Instagram, there are even more brands vying for their attention. As such, in order to stand a chance of reaching your target audience, here are 4 hacks millennials look for before they even consider hitting that follow button!


  1. Keep it #REAL


We cannot stress this one enough!

Brands that succeed online are those that know their audience inside out, speaks to them on their level and in their language. Just keep your content relatable and be genuine, it really is that simple. Millennials can smell ‘try hard’ brands from a mile away and are quick to jump to the defense of a complete stranger who has made a complaint on your post and all they have received is a disingenuous response, or none at all. Before you know it, you’ve got an army of disgruntled followers all requesting more from you than what you have given.

Essentially, millennials want to be able to connect with ‘real’ people and follow brands who are not afraid to own their mistakes as well as own everything that they stand for.


  1. Establish your OWN Tone of Voice


This one ties into hack 1.

Depending on what product or service you’re trying to sell, as well the demographics you’re trying to reach, will each play a role in determining your tone of voice, be it either professional, informative and superior or light-hearted, fun and sassy. It is up to you and it should align with your brand image, your mission, your values and of course what you’re selling.

Again, keeping it real and unique to your business, is the point of difference that millennials search for and is the ultimate reason they follow you.


  1. Stick to your Editorial Calendar – They Notice!


Despite what many may tell you, posting every day even twice a day on Instagram is not the be all and end all!

You should definitely apply this age-old adage of quality over quantity. When it comes to millennials, as is the case with most consumers, success comes with multiple exposures to your message. However, if it is only a couple times a week that is ok as long as it is consistent! Instagram hiatuses are simply unacceptable for this market.

They will not only see you as an inactive page, but unreliable and to an extreme, fake. Obviously, that is not conducive to the ultimate goal – increasing reach and engagement for your brand.


  1. Follow and Like With a Purpose


A brand on Instagram that follows thousands of people or pages and comments and or likes posts that are not even relevant to their brand, runs the risk of appearing to be a spam account or just desperate for traffic. Some spring cleaning may be in order is this sounds like you.

You want your account to be seen as credible, reliable and a popular choice among their peers that they also follow.


Follow these hacks and to ensure you can convert these Insta crazed millennials into followers and more importantly, these followers into engagers.


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By Nat Markovic

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