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TeamFit provides premium personal training to selection clients who appreciate expert advice, goal setting and attention to detail.

Studio Matrix helped TeamFit to develop their company; from their brand identity and values, through to their website, print collateral and social media look.

The TeamFit branding is representative of the ‘boot camp’ style training offered by the brand. With a focus on action and a reliance on grunge aesthetics, the logo instantly signifies the ‘let’s get into it and let’s get messy’ ideology of the brand.

With a primary demographic of corporate workers, the website needed to be simple, clear and concise in order to be quick and easy to navigate through to enquiries so as not to hinder the busy lives of users. The juxtaposition between dark and bright colour resulted in a harmonious convergence of colour that is both stimulating and motivating.

The imagery promotes movement with a focus on health and nutrition. By highlighting imagery from actual training sessions, users see social proof that others are using and enjoying Teamfit. This eases decision-making and inspires enquiries that help the brand grow and thrive.