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Ready Set Recycle was a project created as part of the NSW EPA Waste Less, Recycle More effort for Canterbury Council. The aim of the campaign was to educate people in the Canterbury Council region about waste and recycling.

Studio Matrix worked with researchers at James Cook University to design and implement a survey to educate the Canterbury Council constituents. This survey was advertised online through Google Ad Words, Facebook targeted advertising and digital animated ads. Additionally, the survey was available at local libraries and events within the region.

The branding and design of the campaign was made to reflect the idea that anyone can be a superhero if they recycle. The logo was designed with an upward slant to directly signify the need to move forward and encourage residents to ‘jump into action’ towards a more sustainable way of life.

Of the total 144,751 residents living in the region, 48.1% of persons are born overseas. With so many English as second language speakers, it was incredibly important to rely on visuals to communicate in a way so that everyone could easily understand the campaign.