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Clothing Cleanup are operated by parent company, King Cotton. With aims to reduce the amount of rubbish dumped in landfill each year, Clothing Cleanup are a direct to your door, free service, collecting unwanted clothing and donating them to people in need.

With such an important cause to consider, Studio Matrix wanted to develop a website that would appeal to the changing environmentally-conscious consumer climate. As a result, their website exhibits a simple green colour scheme, symbolic of nature, cleanliness and recycling with a user-friendly system designed to make the booking process easy to understand. Complete with a list of things that will/will not be accepted and a FAQs section, the new website has received much attention.

To extend their reach, Clothing Cleanup feature both Instagram and Facebook pages designed to appeal to the young market of Australians, with their Facebook page achieving a 146% reach increase in the last month alone. 

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