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Why Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Why Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

When we work in an office environment, it is certain that we will be required liaise with others in the same company, particularly those in our departments. This makes it extremely important that we enjoy working with those around us. Having great relationships with our colleagues will ensure that we are productive and work well under pressure – a time when relationships may be tested.

Here are some of our favourite team building exercises to help make your colleagues more like family;

Winner / Loser
Separate into pairs. Person 1 will tell person 2 about something bad that has happened in their life. This can be as simple as spilling a coffee or waking up late. Person 2 will discuss the same experience again, however only focusing on the positive outcomes of that situation.

This exercise will help participants challenge negative thoughts and focus on the silver lining.

Scavenger Hunt
Separate into teams of 2 or 3. Create a list of tasks that involve social interaction and stepping out of your comfort zone. These activities might involve talking to strangers, finding certain objects inside or outside the office, or writing a poem! First team to finish wins!

Teaming up with people you don’t know will help to establish new relationships and break up any ‘unhealthy’ cliques.

Blind Drawing
Divide into groups of two. One person will hold a picture and the other will hold a pen and paper. The person with the picture will be responsible for describing what they see. Make sure the picture isn’t too complicated to ensure it is fun for everyone! The person with the drawing tools must draw what is described to them without looking. Compare pictures at the end!

This exercise is designed to explore effective forms of communication and interpretation.

Conducting these exercises regularly will continue to strengthen your team of professionals, in turn stimulating efficiency, creativity, and effective communication. So what are you waiting for? Organise a time now!

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