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Website UX and UI Design broken down!

Website UX and UI Design broken down!

What is the difference between UX and UI Design and why do you need them? Can you have one without the other and still have a successful and effective website? Lets break it down for you!

UX Design (UX) is in reference to the term “User Experience Design” while it’s counterpart, UI Design (UI) refers to ‘User Interface Design’. The most common misconception about UX and UI is that you can have one without the other, but in fact, both work together and are extremely important to achieving a successful website.

What is the difference?
UX is much more analytical and technical than that of it’s counterpart UI.

UX is the process used to determine what a users experience with your product and website will be. The usability, accessibility and general interaction throughout the website for the user.
The issue with having a bad UX however, is not only limited to the one user who happens to be navigating around your website, it can effect a much wider audience as it also plays a big part in your SEO rankings.

UI Design on the other hand is often referred to as the “graphic design” aspect of your website. Put simply, UI is the look and feel and presentation of your website.

Can you have UX without UI?
If you read above you already know the answer to this. But here it is in layman’s terms for those who are still a bit unsure.

If you come across a website that looks amazing but it not user friendly and is difficult to navigate, this is a great example of good UI and bad UX, and in reverse, if something looks terrible but is extremely user friendly and easy to use, this shows us good UX and bad UI.

So the simple answer is UX and UI are both crucial to achieve the best website and promotion of your product or service.

If you want to know more about UX and UI and how to create the best result for your website, contact us today.

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