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What You Need to Know About Influencer Marketing

What You Need to Know About Influencer Marketing

I now pronounce you influencer and brand. Yep, that’s right! B&T Magazine says the best way to think of an influencer partnership is like a marriage. B&T recommend getting personal with the influencers you choose to represent your brand because nobody knows your audience like they do.


They also say that heavily involving your brand advocates in the creative process will give your brand a greater chance at succeeding on social media. It’s no secret that today’s social-media savvy audience can see straight through influencers who don’t truly believe in what they sell, making it more important than ever that influencers are involved with the content creation.


Approximately 49% of influencers say they post organically about brands before undergoing a paid partnership which B&T say shows their pre-existing love for your product or service. When designing a campaign and surrounding content, it’s important to engage these “genuine” influencers as they know what makes your brand great and what your audience want to see. This aims to generate authentic relationships that resonate with your audience instead of becoming another campaign in an already saturated market.


If you’re considering an influencer driven campaign, check out what they can do for you!


  1. They can save your business money
    Traditional photo shoots can cost roughly $100K with expenses used on talent, photographers and stylists just to name a few. Often influencers are able to offer posts for a significantly cheaper price.
  1. They can help you reach audiences you didn’t know you hadOften influencers have managed to obtain followers from all different careers, areas, and backgrounds who simply like to see what they post. This means you have a greater chance at engaging new audiences with a help from your advocates reputation.
  1. They can build trust between your brand and your audience
    This is the most obvious goal of an influencer, but nothing builds brand loyalty more than trust. And with the bad wrap some brands get for putting their business before their consumers, audiences usually appreciate a recommendation from someone they admire.


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