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Why Maslow is Our Marketing Hero

Why Maslow is Our Marketing Hero

Let’s go back to the marketing basics.


If you haven’t already heard, Abraham Maslow is one of our theory heroes and specialises in human behavioural psychology. When we’re working on a new campaign, we need to consider our target demographic and Maslow’s hierarchy of needs may be your key to getting it spot on.


The hierarchy is split into five categories beginning from the bottom up with the fundamental human needs first;



Physiological needs
The things humans cannot survive without such as oxygen, food, and water.


Safety needs
We all need to feel secure. This is true physically, mentally, and financially.


Social needs
The need to feel like we belong somewhere, particularly with family and friends.


Esteem needs
What boosts our self-esteem and self-image. The desire to be respected by other and feel a sense of achievement.


Self actualisation
The desire to achieve your full potential and self-fulfillment. This can be done through luxury travel, and buying expensive products such as sports cars.


When you have established a specific idea of your target demographic, you will find they fit comfortably into one level of Maslow’s hierarchy due to their needs. For example, a holiday company targeting people under 30 are less likely to focus on luxury holidays, instead placing more emphasis on idea of belonging, marketing to the social needs of young people looking to make friends.


When developing your marketing strategy, be sure to carefully assess the priorities and lifestyles of your target demographic, to help you find a super relevant creative solution.


Just remember that as social situations change, the needs of your demographic will too. In times of financial hardship, health concerns, and other times of depression, it is less likely that your target demographic will be looking for aspirational products or services.


So if ever in marketing strife, just remember, sometimes it can be as easy as going back to the basics!

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