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It’s all in the Idea

It’s all in the Idea

Copywriters unite! It’s time to gather together and let off some steam. We understand the struggle that comes with constantly creating new ideas, only to see the rubbish bin fill up with paper balls as you wrap-up your intense game of paper toss.


Creativity is no easy feat, even for those who’ve been working in the industry for a long time. That’s why we’ve done our research and found some of the best creative techniques that you can use to create your next masterpiece!


  1. Bring it back to basics

At the core of all creative works is the idea. Forget the special effects, colours, and glitter, what makes advertising great is great ideas. AWARD school uses this approach when training up-and-coming creatives in advertising. Check out some of these cool adcepts using only a pen and paper!

Credit: AWARD 2017 Student Tom Lawrence
Credit: AWARD 2017 Student Tom Lawrence


Credit: AWARD 2017 Student Matt Corcoran
Credit: AWARD 2017 Student Matt Corcoran
  1. Mass produce

Stock up on post-it-notes, permanent markets, and butchers paper. This is your time to come up with the craziest, wackiest ideas that aren’t strictly legal or even realistic! Produce as many as you can, whether you write or draw them. Even the ideas you think are most stupid can be segways to better ones, so get writing!


  1. Never stop asking

WHY? The three letter word that sparks so much potential. All great advertising legends share one common quality – curiosity. You have to learn about what people feel, what they want, and what they need. The best way to find out? Ask them. Be sure to ask open questions that allow the interviewee to express how they feel. Questions starting in WHY are a great way to start, but be sure to avoid questions that lead to yes or no answers as they often close the conversation and don’t produce many insights.


One of our favourite things to do when we’re developing new campaign ideas is to keep a pen and paper on us at all times. Especially when we’re hitting the movies or reading a book. You just never know when inspiration will spark.


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