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How to Write a Killer Instagram Bio

How to Write a Killer Instagram Bio

*No, we don’t need to know how much you love GOT*


There are some bios that say absolutely nothing (cue the tumbleweeds), mainly they are a yawn-worthy statement, but worse still are the bios that are not even relevant to the business. And we’ve all seen em. Hell, maybe you’re even guilty of them, hence why you’re here.

You know the ones that are like, ‘coffee obsessed, or include cringy butt-crack quotes like live, love, laugh, or worse still,  the don’t follow us if you can’t quote Friends’ bios. Mate, Friends ended over 13 years ago.

Many are quick to flip off the insta bio, seeing it as less significant than the feed itself. But my friends, we are here to tell you that the insta bio is like the age-old adage of the ‘first impressions’.


So… you gotta’ make it count.

Firstly a potential follower would need to know…

Who the Bloody Hell are Ya?!

If we were to click on your bio right this millisecond, would we immediately know exactly who you are, what your business could do for us, and what you wanted us to do next?

No? Keep reading!

Before you get your creative juices flowing, the most important thing you need to get down first is…


It’s great that you want to be able to relate to your target demographic, however, you need to decide what you want actually want from them, be it either building brand awareness, increasing traffic to your website or selling a product or service. This, in turn, will keep them on your feed.

Once you have that nailed down you can continue onto the following.

Basically, your bio, in as little as 150 characters, should read as follows:


  1. Who you are
  2. What you can do for your customer (e.g. we specialise in…)
  3. A Call To Action (e.g. click the link in the bio to receive 10% off your first order)


Of course, this doesn’t mean that it has to be boring! Make it unique to your brand and your tone of voice!


In all, don’t be shy to get a little freaky with it, but make sure you save your obsession for pupper’s and spilling GOT spoilers in your actual feed.

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By Nat Markovic

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