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Who you gonna call? A social media professional

Who you gonna call? A social media professional

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you would know the vitality of your business having a strong social media presence. It has become the fundamental way to connect with your audience to ultimately inform new and existing customers.

When you’ve got a million other things to do, social media can sometimes be left forgotten. This is hands down one of the biggest mistakes your business can make. Social media is essentially one of the first points of contact between your business and your customer, so you’d be crazy not to use this platform to your advantage. It can be a challenge to consistently manage and maintain a social presence, that’s why confiding in a social media professional can be one of the best decisions you’ll ever make.

Many businesses underestimate the importance of social media, particularly because it seems so easy to use. However, it should be noted that the way in which social networking platforms are used personally, is completely different to how they should be executed for a business.

Social media is one of today’s biggest marketing platforms. According to Sensis, 33% of businesses have a social media presence compared with 68% of consumers. This means more than twice as many consumers appear to be engaged with social media than businesses.

You wouldn’t throw a TV ad together by yourself, so why would you hand over your social media accounts to someone with no experience, especially when it has such a huge reach? It’s absolutely vital to trust in someone completely dedicated to expanding your brand online. This will include regularly posting relevant and interesting content, as well as responding to and engaging with customers.

According to Social Media Today, 85-90% of posts on business’ Facebook pages are not responded to. This is most likely due to businesses not having the time to do so. Therefore, allocating someone to do this will create better relationships between you and your customers.

As much as you think you may know your customer, social media managers have the knowledge and experience to assess where they are and what they need in a very complex and competitive social world. They know everything there is to know from the best tone, timing and platforms to reach your audience and how to keep them interested. Studio Matrix can provide you with highly experienced social media professionals, dedicated to creating the optimal social strategy your business needs to be on top.

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