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We Absolutely Love this Dessert Boxes Campaign

We Absolutely Love this Dessert Boxes Campaign

Ever seen great product that stands out, breaks down traditional barriers, and it’s all for a good cause? Well, I you haven’t then it’s time you did. In light of today’s Breast Cancer Awareness Day, one of our fave dessert places, Dessert Boxes, released an EDM supporting charity CoppaFeel that our office couldn’t stop talking about!


Screen Shot 2018-10-19 at 4.08.48 pm Screen Shot 2018-10-19 at 4.09.18 pm


Here is why we love it;

  1. It’s bold

For reasons more than the chocolate breasts, Dessert Boxes weren’t afraid to tell people about a serious issue. Their savvy take on such a prominent, serious issue close to our hearts has raised awareness and we’re not going to forget it.

  1. It’s all for a good cause

The EDM was all for the cause which really showed Dessert Boxes values. Instead of hiding a post amidst a pile of other advertisements, Dessert Boxes wanted to show everyone what mattered to them.

  1. It’s just plain lovable

Dessert boxes knew who they were sending it to and it captured our hearts.
Check them out here!

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