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4 Reasons For Social Media Marketing

4 Reasons For Social Media Marketing

It’s 2016; If you’re not on Facebook, you’re doing it wrong. With over 2.3 billion active social media users worldwide, it’s no wonder digital marketing has taken the world by storm. So how can platforms like Instagram and Twitter be utilised to benefit your business? Well, we’re here to tell you just that!

Brand Awareness
A strong social media presence reinforces customer engagement, readership and conversions. By simply maintaining an active account, you’re essentially reminding users about your company, product and / or service. When utilised correctly, social media can even be employed to educate consumers, promote exclusive offers and encourage brand loyalty.

B2C Relationships
Customers engage with social networking platforms as a means of entertainment and leisure. Therefore, they will be more receptive to your content in comparison to other forms of advertising. With creative and engaging content, your customers will interact with your brand on a personal basis. When managed correctly, your social networking platforms can also be used as a platform for customer assistance services.

Targeting and Retargeting
Social media advertising is highly customisable. Facebook ads, for example, allow you to target users based on demographic location, age, gender and other interests. This helps to ensure that those who are likely to interact and convert into solid leads and sales are being reached.

Search Engine Optimisation
Driving traffic to your website is of upmost importance when considering ROI. So what better way to reach your consumers than on a platform in which they interact with daily? It’s advertising at it’s cheapest. With a strong social media presence, your Google rankings will sky rocket in no time.

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